Stories from the heart

"I was raised in a good home and attended church every Sunday. However, to me it was like a history class. I didn't think it had anything to do with my life except that I was supposed to be good.


Once I was out on my own, I found myself always looking for something new to make me happy; a boyfriend, a vacation, a car, a new gadget. Even after I was happily married I was still looking to fill that empty place inside me.


After the birth of my daughter, I suffered from post-partum depression. Because of that I joined a new mothers' group and met a woman who was a Christian and knew a lot about the Bible. She was able to answer so many questions about what I had learned in church as a child. The more time I spent with her the more I wanted to know about God and how to have the joy that she had. During this time I had become dissatisfied with my marriage and even thought about divorce. The problem was that nothing had changed to warrant a divorce and that scared me.


I see now that God used my post-partum depression to bring me to that point of despair. One day I talked to God from my heart, not in the rote prayers I had learned as a child. It was freeing. For the first time in my life I didn't feel like I was praying to a brick wall, but to someone real. I told Him I didn't want a divorce or to feel the way I did, and after my prayer I actually felt a peace inside.


In the following days, I found that God was communicating with me through many different means. I was amazed to think that the God who made the universe cared about my stupid problems! I realized that He loved me in a way that nothing or no one else could. I continued to develop a relationship with Him through prayer, Bible reading and, after a while, going to church. I became content with what I had and I found satisfaction again in my marriage.


Many years later, I still remember how God "met me where I was."  I can't imagine trying to get through life now without the Lord guiding me. I am not who I used to be because of my relationship with the Great and Awesome God!  - J.B.

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